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The sixth issue of NEWWORK MAGAZINE finds a range of artists and designers embracing sensuous beauty, imparting pure and sincere spirits in their work. This issue profiles stimulating artists who excel in infusing their work with the warmth of a human touch. Helmut Schmid and Hans Rudolf Bosshard share typography designs, whose elegance shine through the purity of their styles. Christophe Kutner’s fahion story, “time”, is an anti-timeline of sorts; numbers incorporated in ensembles lend harmony and continuity throughout the anachronistic images. Pierre Neumann shares some of his most famous poster designs in his section entitled “90.5 X 128”, which comes from his standard poster size. His unexpected use of image and typography is stimulating and awakening, timeless and classic. We are in the moment with photographer René Burri whose stunning images quietly illustrate the history of the last half of the twentieth century, capturing the moments in our memories, history, and society dramatically, dynamically, breathlessly.

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Project completed as a partner while at STUDIO NEWWORK.